Buzzi Unicem presents the number zero of the “Highlights” magazine
03 June 2021

Buzzi Unicem presents the number zero of the “Highlights” magazine

Buzzi Unicem is pleased to present Highlights, a magazine that integrates a summary of the financial data with the main sustainability-related topics.
The opening chapter is the message to the shareholders from the Chairman Veronica Buzzi that describes the results achieved in 2020, which were satisfactory despite the problems caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.
The message continues with an interesting discussion on the Research and Development projects aimed at improving our carbon footprint. These include the fine tuning of innovative cement and concrete, the inauguration of the CLEANKER installation at Vernasca and the start-up of the Catch4Climate project. 
The overview follows with a summary of the company’s key economic and financial indicators, including market capitalization, stock performance and operating structure, and concludes with a focus on sustainable development, outlining the policies and targets. 
The second half of the magazine provides a more detailed analysis of the data for each region, highlighting their market trends, cement consumption, revenues, margins and capital expenditures. 
The goal of Highlights is to offer a comprehensive summary of the information that is available in greater detail in the full reports already published in the dedicated section of this site.