07 February 2011

Dyckerhoff announces preliminary figures for fiscal year 2010

We report hereunder the ad-hoc-release issued today by the subsidiary Dyckerhoff AG, according to Article 15 Securities Trading Act (WpHG).

Preliminary key figures of the Dyckerhoff group

(million euro)
      Jan - Dec

Jan - Dec

in %
Group sales       1,413       1,369       3
thereof division
Germany/Western Europe
thereof division
Eastern Europe
thereof division USA       192       197       - 3
thereof intercompany sales       - 2       - 1       -


Dyckerhoff AG preliminary Group sales rose by 3 % to slightly above EUR 1.4 billion in fiscal year 2010. Thereby, volumes increased in all countries, except the Czech Republic and the USA. However, prices decreased partly considerably, only in Luxembourg cement prices increased slightly. Accordingly, sales in the USA division decreased, while they exceeded the previous year in Germany/Western Europe and in Eastern Europe. The proportion generated abroad grew by one percentage point to 63 %.

Dyckerhoff’s management board awaits that the results of the Dyckerhoff Group will fall significantly in the 2010 fiscal year. As a result of the wintry weather at the end of the year, Dyckerhoff expects the EBITDA margin to be between 15 and 16%. EBT and result after income taxes were primarily affected by the non-cash effective write-down on the production facilities of the Oglesby plant in the USA. The write-down is expected to reduce the Dyckerhoff Group's result after income taxes by EUR 48.3 million.

For the 2011 fiscal year, Dyckerhoff expects Group sales to reach approximately EUR 1.5 billion, and, therefore, a slight increase compared to the 2010 fiscal year. Dyckerhoff anticipates that EBITDA, EBT and Group result after income taxes will increase clearly. In particular, EBT and Group result after income taxes will benefit from the non-recurring write-down on the production facilities of the Oglesby cement plant.

The complete interim report will be released on February 7, 2011 at noon.

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