08 February 2010

Dyckerhoff AG announces preliminary figures for fiscal year 2009

We report hereunder the ad-hoc-release issued today by the subsidiary Dyckerhoff AG, according to Article 15 Securities Trading Act (WpHG).

Preliminary key figures of the Dyckerhoff group:

(million euro)       Jan - Dec

Jan - Dec


in %

Group sales       1,369       1,972       -31
thereof division Germany/Western Europe      
thereof division
Eastern Europe
thereof division
United States of America
- 23
thereof intercompany sales       - 1       -       -

Dyckerhoff AG preliminary group sales in fiscal year 2009 decreased by 31 % to almost EUR 1.4 billion. To this decline led volume decreases in all divisions. Thereby prices moved differently: While prices in Germany / Western Europe were above those of the previous year, they went down in Eastern Europe and in the USA; only exception was cement in the Czech Republic for which prices were slightly above previous year. According to this, sales decreased in all divisions. The foreign share of group sales decreased by 9 percentage points to 62 % compared to previous year.

Dyckerhoff’s management board awaits EBITDA and net profit to show a significant decrease in fiscal year 2009. EBITDA margin will be slightly above 20 % and the return on sales will be just over 7 %.

For fiscal year 2010 Dyckerhoff anticipates that Group sales will level the previous year; however, the earnings will decrease due to one-time income of about EUR 20 million included in fiscal year 2009 and enduring difficult trading conditions in Dyckerhoff’s markets.

The complete interim report will be released on February 8, 2010 at noon.

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